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Leaf Collection

The second pass for leaf collection in Section B in Wards 1-8 is complete.  If you live in Section B and have not received your second pass for leaf collection, please contact 311 to place a “Missed Leaf Collection” service request.    

Section C in Wards 1-8, your second pass for leaf collection is near completion.      

The second pass at leaf collection in Section D in Wards 1-8 will begin Monday, February 5. Please have your leaves raked out by Sunday, February 4.


 Check out our real time leaf collection tracker brought to you by Bob the Blower!

What to Expect 

Thanks to enhanced tracking capabilities, DPW can better predict when leaf collections will occur in your section. While a full calendar won’t be posted in advance this year, residents will still get  at least one weeks’ notice through a variety of communications channels. Leaf collections will still occur twice in each section. 

How Residents Will Get Raking Notice Messages 

Every Friday, DPW will provide residents with a message explaining when they should rake out based on the sections being collected in the upcoming week. The list below shows where those messages and the leaf collection map will be found. 

How to Rake 

Residents should rake leaves into the treebox, or the curb in front of the home if there is no tree box, on the Sunday before collection begins in their section. 

How to Find Leaf Collection Map and Messages 



When Leaf Collection Begins 

The leaf collection map will show the raking sections in Wards 1 through 8. Here’s an example of how it works: 

Residents in Section A in Wards 1-8  should have there leaves raked to the treebox or curbside no later than Sunday October 29, 2023.  Leaf collection will begin Monday, October 30, 2023 for section A in wards 1-8. 

Visit to view the leaf tracker and find your leaf collection section based on your address. 

Sign up for the MyDPW app, the DPW Stakeholder Newsletter, and social media channels to check when our crews will collect in your section. Residents may also call the Leaf Line at (202)-671-LEAF (5323)


Changes to Leaf Collection 

Leaf collection can be disrupted due to the following: 

Weather events or unexpected operation modifications. When snow, freezing rain, or ice are forecast, the District Snow Team mobilizes to pre-treat our streets, then spread salt as needed. This may require switching DPW equipment and crews from leaf collection duties to snow duties, which may unfortunately cause leaf collection delays. 

Holidays. Leaves will not be collected on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. Residents should look out for the weekly messaging on when to rake out leaves during holiday weeks. 


Reporting a Missed Collection 

If your street has not been collected 8 business days after DPW has announced collection has started in the next section, please call 311 (202-737-4404) or visit to open a “Leaf Collection Missed” service request. 


The second pass at leaf collection in Section A in Wards 1-8 is near completion. 


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