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Parking Enforcement Resume June 1.


Parking Enforcement – Frequently Asked Questions


When Will Full Parking Enforcement Resumes?

Districtwide parking enforcement along with booting and towing will resume June 1 and July 1 respectively.


Will Residential Parking Permits (RPP) Be Enforced?

Districtwide enforcement of Residential Parking Permits will be enforced. In residential neighborhoods, check the signage to determine how long one can park in the zone. Remember, parking anywhere in the entire zone is prohibited once the time allowed has passed.


Will Expired Tags be Enforced?

All vehicles are required to have valid registration and inspection by June 1.


Will Registration for Out of State Automobiles (ROSA) Be Enforced?

DPW will enforce Registration for Out of State Automobiles (ROSA) beginning June 1. The District requires motorists to register their vehicle(s) within 60 days of moving here and DPW enforces this regulation in 3 phases (observation, warning, and enforcement).


Can I be Ticketed at An Expired Meter?

You can receive a ticket at an expired meter. When parked at a meter, the instructions on the meter indicate how much time one can park. If the meter is broken, a motorist may park up to the time indicated on the meter. Before leaving the vehicle, call (202) 541-6030 or 311 to report the broken meter. Please keep the confirmation number.


Will DPW Dispatch Abandoned Vehicle Investigators?

The District continues looking for abandoned and dangerous vehicles to investigate then remove from public and private property. Dangerous vehicles may be removed from public and private property immediately, once they have been ticketed. Abandoned vehicles will be removed within five business days from public space and 45 days from private property.


Street Sweeping Frequently Asked Questions


Will DPW Enforce Street Sweeping Restrictive Parking During Street Sweeping Hours?

Yes, signs are posted that identify the days of the week and hours of the day when parking restrictions will be enforced so the sweepers can clean the streets effectively. The fine for violating this restriction is $45. Street sweeping parking restrictions will be enforced beginning June1. The program represents a pledge by residents who have committed to move their vehicles when sweeping is underway.


Ground Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions



Will DPW Mow Triangle and Median Parking this Summer?

DPW will continue seasonal mowing and cutting on all District roadway median strips and District-owned rights of way. Additionally, DPW mows roadside areas along major District thoroughfares, and provides cutbacks to overgrowth throughout the city’s alleyways.


Can I Request DPW Service’s by Dialing 311?

Residents can request all DPW services by calling 311, 202-737-4404 or texting DC311.