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DPW Helping Hand Neighborhood Cleanup

Thank-you for coordinating a Helping Hand Neighborhood Clean-Up.  This program is used  in collaboration between District Government and Neighboring Communities.  These instructions provide general guidelines  about the Helping Hand Program, and information required to complete the application process.

Submit Helping Hand Application Forms:
Application forms must be received at least (2) weeks in advance of a scheduled clean-up event NO EXCEPTIONS.  The application may be sent by mail toThe Dept.of Public Works, SWEEP Office, 250 E St SW, Suite 430, Washington, DC 20019 or via email to [email protected]. The Department of Public Works (DPW) will only provide services for an event that has been confirmed by the SWEEP office. SWEEP staff will deliver tools, help organize the clean up and provide technical support.

Designate Contact Person:
Application forms must include the name, address and phone number(s) of the designated contact person. The contact person is responsible for (a) overall coordination of clean-up event and communication with DPW Helping Hands program staff, (b) receiving and retaining tools loaned by the Department of Public Works, as well as securing the $20.00 deposit for each tool kit(s), (c) ensuring that all trash generated at the event is placed at no more than three locations for collection by the Department of Public Works and (d) informing the SWEEP office by calling (202) 645-7190 no later than 3 pm the day before your event. However, you may cancel your event after 3 pm  by calling (202) 359-0635.

Identify Locations for DPW Collection:
The bags of trash collected during the clean-up must be placed at no more than three (3) pre-designated pick-up points. All scheduled clean-ups should be completed by 1 pm the day of clean-up to ensure trash pick up for that day. Any scheduled clean-ups concluding after 2 pm will in most cases be picked up the next day.  There will be no trash pick-up for unscheduled clean-ups Saturday or Sunday. Uncollected trash will be picked up between Monday and Wednesday.

Tool Kits:
The Department of Public Works will loan your group tools to assist your clean-up efforts. Each tool kit contains: 5 rakes, 5 brooms, 2 shovels and 20 trash bags. Toolkits will not be broken up. A $20.00 deposit is required for all tool kits loaned under the Helping Hand Program. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the DC Treasurer. Refunds will be made after all tools are returned in good condition. Lost equipment must be paid for or replaced by articles of equal value.

What is collected by the Department of Public Works?

1. Only trash in bags that have been provided by DPW or bundled debris at the designated point of collection.
2. Wood and tree limbs must be cut into four foot lengths, no wider than 6" in diameter weighing no more than 60 lbs. each.
3. Absolutely NO BULK will be collected (furniture, appliances, construction debris).  For information on how to dispose of such materials, please call the Sanitation Information Center at (202) 727-1000.
4. Trash pick-up for neighborhood clean-ups only. Special, major, or minor events (block parties, etc.) must be coordinated through Special Events Coordinator at (202) 727-6161.

If you have any questions about the Helping Hand Program, please call us
at (202) 645-7190

NB:- DPW Helping Hand Neighborhood Cleanup form is closed until March 2024