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Parking Regulations

Most of the restrictions on parking in the District of Columbia are set out in Title 18 (Vehicles and Traffic), Chapter 24 (Stopping, Standing, and Other Non-Moving) of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR).

From Title 18 DCMR, Chapter 24

Section Number - Title (or other information).  Documents provided in PDF format.

24-00  Proper Parking: General Requirements and Prohibitions

24-01  Loading and Unloading Vehicles

24-02  Loading Zones

24-03  Emergency Parking Permits

24-04  Parking Meters and Parking Meter Zones

24-05  Stopping, Standing, or Parking Prohibited: No Sign Required

24-06  Parking Prohibited by Posted Sign

24-07  Temporary and Emergency Parking Restrictions

24-08  Procedures for Posting Temporary or Emergency Parking Restrictions

24-09  Restricted Use of Valet parking, Valet Staging, Bus, Taxicab, and Sightseeing Zones and Stands

24-10 Deleted

24-11  Residential Permit Parking

24-12  Establishment and Approval of Residential Permit Parking Areas

24-13  Issuance of Residential Parking Permits

24-14  Visitor or Temporary Permits

24-15  Fees for Stickers of Permits

24-16  Penalty

24-17  Snow Emergency Parking Regulations

24-18  Miscellaneous Non-Moving Violations

24-19  Municipal Center Parking Restrictions

24-20  Official Parking Permits and Spaces

24-21  Impoundment of Vehicles for Violations

24-22 Repealed

24-23  Street Cleaning Parking Provisions

24-24  Performance Parking Pilot Zones

24-25 Repealed

24-26 Section not in use

24-27  Streets Exempted from Parking Meter Fee Moratorium

From Title 18 DCMR, Chapter 26

The civil penalties for violating these provisions are included in Title 24, Chapter 26 (Stopping, Standing, and Other Non-Moving Infractions). These regulations are issued by the District Department of Transportation and enforced by several agencies, including the Department of Public Works. The regulations are included here as a courtesy and may not reflect recent changes made to them. A listing of the individual sections included is set out below.  

Documents provided in PDF format.

26-01  Parking and Other Non-Moving Infractions (fines)