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Regular Street Sweeping Suspended During Snow Season

Monday, January 8, 2001

Sweeping machinery uses a fine mist of water to clean streets and control dust, creating an ice hazard in winter. The DC Department of Public Works announces that regularly scheduled street cleaning operations will be suspended from January 8 to March 12, 2001. This is a bonus for residents who park along street sweeping routes, since they will not be required to move their cars to the alternate side of the street for those nine weeks. Additionally, no parking citations will be issued to vehicles parked during usual street sweeping hours in residential areas posted with "No Parking/Street Cleaning" signs - with the exception of meter violations, rush hour and Snow Emergency restrictions, or other automotive violations.

The large street-sweeping machines, normally used throughout the city, spread a thin layer of water under their rotating brushes throughout the cleaning process. During sub-freezing and inclement weather, the water-cleaning method becomes impractical, creates hazardous driving conditions, and may impede snow removal efforts. Using the sweepers without water causes an objectionable amount of dust, grit and dirt to be thrown into the air and onto sidewalks. DPW's Interim Director, Leslie Hotaling, notes, however that sweepers may be deployed occasionally. "On the rare winter days when temperatures climb over 45 degrees, we may elect to send the sweepers out to play catch-up with street dirt," she said. "Even then, cars parked along the street-cleaning routes won't be ticketed - unless the driver forgets to feed the meter!"

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