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Leaf and Holiday Tree Collection

2020 Leaf Brochure Cover

The fall leaf collection program runs from November 4 through January 24. Please rake your loose leaves into your tree box (or at the curb if there is no tree box) the Sunday before your scheduled collection week. Every street will have two scheduled collection weeks. Our crews will only come once during each scheduled week. Residents can sign up for the MyDPW app to receive custom alerts for when leaf collection is scheduled for their street. The alert will remind residents the Friday prior to their scheduled collection week, and it will alert residents if leaf collection is delayed or suspended on their street.

Each year DPW collects and composts between five and seven thousand tons of loose leaves. Unfortunately, bagged leaves placed where your trash is collected are not composted and will be picked up as space in our trucks permits.

As winter approaches, the DC Snow Team may be called upon to clear our city's streets. When this happens, our leaf collection trucks will stop collecting leaves and be outfitted with snow plows and salt spreaders. Once the weather improves, the trucks are cleaned and outfitted to resume leaf operations. This process can take several days. Delays can also be expected when leaves are wet or frozen, as such conditions hamper our equipment's ability to function properly. We appreciate residents' patience and understanding when Mother Nature interferes with leaf collections.

Holiday trees and greenery will be collected between January 14 and February 2. Residents in DPW-serviced households should place their trees and greenery where their trash and recyclables are normally collected. Trees and greenery collected during these three weeks (and those brought to the Fort Totten and Benning Road transfer stations) will be composted and made available to residents for free. When you set your treens and greenery out for collection, please remove all ornaments and lights; do not put trees and greenery in a bag. After February 2, place holiday trees and greenery where your trash is collected. They will be picked up with your trash as space in our trucks permits. Unfortunately, trees and greenery collected after February 2 will not be composted.

As a reminder, DPW does not provide collection services for apartment and condominium buildings with four or more units. Owners and managers of these properties are required to provide their tenants with solid waste collections (this includes leaves and holiday trees/greenery).

Do's & Don'ts of Leaf Season


  • Place only piles of leaves in tree boxes or at the curb for collection.
  • Bring leaves, tree limbs, overgrowth from your alley, and other yard debris from your private landscaper to the Fort Totten Leaf Disposal Site at 4900 John McCormack Drive NE
  • Landscaping contractors may bring leaves to the Reno Road Leaf Disposal Site at Belt Rd & Donaldson PL NW
  • Feel free to bring holiday trees and greenery to the Fort Totten Leaf Disposal Site.
  • Report clogged storm drains by calling DC Water at (202) 612-3400.
  • Go to the App Store or to the Google Play Store to download “MyDPW” mobile app to get alerts about when collections will be made on your street and where we are collecting leaves on any given day.


  • Rake leaves into tree boxes or to the curb after your scheduled collection.   
  • Place tree limbs, bricks, dirt, rocks, etc. into tree boxes or at the curb for collection.
  • Sweep leaves, litter, or other debris into gutter or catch basins (storm drains). Clogged catch basins can cause street flooding during heavy rains and further contribute to water pollution.
  • Place leaves in the street instead of at the curb or in the tree box as this is a fire hazard and can create traffic and parking issues.


If you visit Fort Totten Transfer Station, please be sure to have identification such as a driver’s license with you to prove you are a District resident. If you don’t have a DC driver’s license, please have photo ID issued by another state plus a current utilities bill (within the last 30 days) or a copy of your residential lease or deed. The names on the photo ID and the utility bill or lease/deed must be the same.


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(202) 737-4404
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(202) 671-0642
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Monday to Friday 8:15 am - 4:45 pm
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2000 14th Street, NW

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