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Solid Waste Reg 21-7

These are all found in Title 21, Chapter 7 of the DC Municipal Regulations. The number after the hyphen is the section number. For example, the first item in the list below is from Title 21, Chapter 7, Section 700, of the DC Municipal Regulations.

Please note that the fines for many of these violations are found in Title 24, Chapter 13 of the DC Municipal Regulations, in Section 1380.

From Title 21, Chapter 7- Solid Waste Control

Documents provided in PDF format.

21-700  General Provisions

21-701  Handbills, Leaflets and Flyers

21-702  Removal of Refuse from Public Space Adjacent to Private Property

21-703  Collection of Organic Materials

21-704  Food Waste Disposal

21-705  Collection of Solid Wastes

21-706  Special Collections

21-707  Solid Waste Containers

21-708  Containers for Residential Municipal Refuse Collection

21-709  Collection Vehicles

Note: The following regulations refer to solid waste collectors’ licenses.

21-710  Licensing Requirements

21-711  Application for License

21-712  Issuance of Licenses

21-713  Solid Waste Reduction and Disposal

21-715  Suspension of Access to Disposal Facilities

21-716  Inspections

21-717  Denial, Suspension or Revocation of License

21-718  Variances

21-719 Solid Waste Disposal Fee-Setting Formulas

21-720 Fees

21-721  Penalties

21-722 Solid Waste Collector Registration

21-723 Solid Waste Collector Annual Reporting

21-730 Solid Waste Facility Application Requirements

21-731 Procedures for the Review of Applications for Initial Solid Waste Facility Permits

21-732 Solid Waste Facility Permit Terms and Conditions

21-733 Solid Waste Facility Operating Requirments

21-734 Permit Modification

21-735 Permit Renewal

21-736 Review of Applications for Renewed Solid Waste Facility Permits

21-737 Reporting Requirments

21-739 Cessation of Operations

21-741 Schedule of Fines for Violations

21-799  Definitions