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Solid Waste Reg 21-8

These are all found in Title 21, Chapter 7 of the DC Municipal Regulations. The number after the hyphen is the section number. For example, the first item in the list below is from Title 21, Chapter 8, Section 800, of the DC Municipal Regulations.

Please note that the fines for many of these violations are found in Title 24, Chapter 13 of the DC Municipal Regulations, in Section 1380.

From Title 21, Chapter 8 (Solid Waste Container Specifications)

Documents provided in PDF format.

21-800  General Provisions

21-801  Paper Bags for Uncompacted Solid Waste

21-802  Plastic Bags for Uncompacted Solid Waste

21-803  Galvanized Metal Cans for Uncompacted Solid Waste

21-804  Containers for Compacted Solid Waste

21-805  Thermoplastic Containers for Uncompacted Solid Waste

21-806  Containerization Systems

21-807  Minimum Safety Standards for Slant-Refuse Bins

21-808  Supercans

21-810  Application for a Permit

21-811  Issuance and Renewal of Permits

21-899  Definitions